February 16, 2009

Week 1 Update: Running in Place

I'm back to believing I might should have waited until after the move to get started on this self-improvement project. I've been horribly distracted from most everything but preparing.

I did get more active, but between Hubby's 27th birthday and Valentines, I did misbehave in the junk food department. Still I'm three pounds down from where I was this time last week. It's largely water weight I'm sure, but still, three pounds is three pounds.

The distraction of preparing pictures of two electronic items and three pieces of furniture we're selling, packing, and catching back up on housework neglected in order to pack is both responsible for the majority of any real weight loss last week and my lack of moving forward near as much as I'd hoped in most areas. There's nothing for it though but to plug ahead forward.

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow's a mystery, and today is what matters and what not.

Speaking of, I'd better go get back to work.

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