February 17, 2009

That sinking feeling...

Hubby and I are buying our first home and prepping to move this weekend. Why do I tell you this?

1) We're likely to be offline for a bit as we change internet services over.

2) I've realized my notes, resources, and random bits of improved text for Succession, Icarus, and Ashes are scattered here, there, and everywhere in twenty different spiral notebooks and three ring binders.

I've been talking up the benefits of writing roughs in notebooks and polishing as you type for those of us whom it is difficult to always do our writing straight into the word processor. Well, here's the downside.

It started in college. I kept a different notebook for each class, which was really nice in my science courses and other random classes I needed to fulfill the basic course requirements. It got to be a problem in the literature classes.

The pieces we were covering would bring new ideas for something I was already roughing out or an idea for a new piece entirely, and I'd jot them down in the back of whatever notebook I had with me in the classroom. Succession improved dramatically during my college years. Unfortunately, most of these improvements are still waiting to be implemented in the latest draft, and the notes regarding them are scattered to the winds and all jumbled up with notes for other projects.

I'm not sure whether to take a few weeks to go through each notebook to consolidate and rearrange all these notes into three files or simply search through each notebook for what I need as I work on each project and then get rid of the old notebook after I finish all three.

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