April 6, 2009

52 Week Challenge: Week 2 Update

If week two proved anything, it's exactly how important keeping to the schedule every day is to keeping things running smoothly.

I was over my cold, but somebody seemed to forget to let the nerves in my throat in on the secret last week. I kept getting into reflexive coughing fits, enough to where I completely lost my voice on Wednesday. This, of course, played merry havoc on the schedule since I was at a loss for how to communicate with my girls. We do use a bit of sign language, but the words are limited to: no, stop, please, more, full, thank you, milk, eat, and I love you. (This isn't including the sign Sneak invented all on her own last week to signal that she doesn't want something, be it food, drink, a toy, or whatever.) All in all, the sign language is helpful, but we can't depend upon it totally.

This was followed with my having a doctor's appointment scheduled for Thursday afternoon, which was canceled ten minutes before it was set to begin. I was already at the office, waiting outside because they had yet to unlock the doors following their two hour lunch break, so the afternoon was still largely a wash. They rescheduled for Friday morning, which is when the girls are awake, so routine is the most important. But it was the only time I could reschedule within the month, so I had no choice.

By Friday evening, I had two extremely cranky girls. The routine returned as much as possible on Saturday considering our normal Friday shopping trip was moved back a day to accommodate the doctor's appointment, and by yesterday morning, the girls returned to their usual happy selves.

Was there a week two major break through? Why yes. The non-sarcastic side of my sense of humor showed a glimmer of returning last night.

It went missing sometime in 2007.

* The picture is of Boo Bear at eight months of age

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