April 7, 2009

Commissioned Work

I'm getting back to work now with the girls in a good routine and our family all settled into our new home. Normally I alternate between working on "The Cookbook" and Right of Succession, but I'm taking a few days out of the rotation to produce a short story on commission.

The story's been commissioned by family. Otherwise, I wouldn't normally think of writing fiction for hire.

But, why not? If someone wants a custom story and is willing to hire someone to write and edit it for them, why not do it if I can? Sure it'd never be a steady thing, but a little shake up and extra income can be a good thing.

I'm pondering. What do you readers think?

1 comment:

  1. I think you should do it!!

    In this economy I wouldn't turn down any opportunities... not to mention, the commissioned work may start out slow at first, but as the family flashes around their "custom" book - the Jones' are going to start to wonder where they can get their own custom book.

    Great Blog!


    Who do you think they will go to?