April 20, 2009

52 Week Challenge: Week 4 Update

Cycle one of the 52 week challenge is complete!

You can't see me, but I'm doing a happy dance. ...Actually, be glad you can see me. Graceful I'm not.

So, how am I doing? Overall, the challenge is going very well this time. Last week was another matter due almost entirely to the sinus infection that wouldn't die. Between an overwhelming fatigue and a continuous struggle to breathe, the routine went out the window and so did the daily exercise. And Hubby took his turn doing little things for me.

Happily though, I was able to visit the doctor mid week, and he prescribed a more aggressive course of treatment since the last one fell short. It's already showing progress, and I'm working toward getting things back on track now that I can breathe...most of the time.

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