April 16, 2009

Rolling with the Punches

This has been a trying week, but it has also brought some much needed clarity.

The week has been trying because I've relapsed into the sinus infection I thought I was almost free of last week. I'd just been waiting for the cough to subside. Well, it appears this sinus infection is going to be as stubborn as the staff infection of 2006. I only hope it won't take another six months to shake, especially since, as all parents know, there are no sick days in parenting.

Now, on to the clarity I've discovered this week.

I haven't posted about it here, but I've been having doubts about "the cookbook" these last few weeks. It seems everyone is beating me to the punch, which is to be expected when others have a full eight hour work day to devote to research and what not where as I usually have a half hour to an hour daily if I'm lucky. And I haven't been so lucky in that department this week.

Then, take into consideration my dry spell for work requests is beginning to end. This is due in part to a connection with a local nonprofit leading to said nonprofit asking my help to apply for grants since they are currently short staffed. And it is due in part also to opening myself up to taking fiction requests on commission for the genres I am able to write well, but for which I very rarely have a compelling idea.

So, what is to become of "the cookbook?" Instead of focusing on creating an ebook, I'm more thinking of simply including some of the tips and recipes here on the blog, most likely in relation to the 52 Week Challenge since taking back control of my health is one of my five overarching goals.

What do you think?


  1. Try a netti pot for you sinuses. It works I promise!

  2. I actually do use a NetiPot, and I love it. I just can't seem to remember to use it every day.

    *snort* I've actually added daily use of my NetiPot to the list of habits I want to develop during the challenge. Thanks for reminding me!