April 21, 2009

Habits for Cycle Two

Now that I've developed my first three habits: getting the girls into a daily routine, exercising daily, and doing something for Hubby each day, it's time to add three more habits to the list. So, what am I adding for cycle two of the 52 Week Challenge?

1) Serve dinner only at the table.

Like many families, we've fallen into the bad habit of eating in front of the television from time to time. Hubby doesn't get home from work most days until after 6 p.m., and what shows we do watch tend to come on about 7, which is usually about the time I've been finishing dinner preparations. So, I'm either going to have to get to work on dinner faster, or we're going to start catching our shows on Hulu over the weekend if at all.

I expect the benefits of this habit to be threefold. First, eating dinner together as a family encourages closeness and family interaction. You're all there. There's no TV to hold your attention and render you a speechless zombie, so a family wide discussion seems to start up naturally. Second, all this talking helps the girls develop their vocabulary.

We've actually gotten better about eating at the table since the move, and we've noticed a huge difference in both girls attempts at communication. Boo has slowed down and worked on her annunciation, so she's more understandable these days. And Sneak is beginning to attempt signing and a few simple words.

Finally, without the distraction of the television, it's easier to be more aware of what you are eating. Not only does this increase satisfaction, since food seems to taste better if you're concentrating on the flavor instead of what some character said, but it's easier to be aware of what and how much you're eating if you do glance down at your plate occasionally.

2) Include two or more non-starchy vegetables and at least one fruit in the meal plans daily.

Now I know this is behind the recommendations, but give me time please. I've found a few recipes and preparation techniques the whole family enjoys, and I'm working on others. We do eat a lot, and I mean a lot, of spinach salads, but those do get boring after a while. Plus, I'm trying to learn to prepare the vegetables without boiling or steaming away the vitamins and minerals in them. I have upping the daily intake of non-starchy vegetables and fruit included in the list of habits I've mapped out for later in the challenge.

3) Study the Bible daily.

In one of the original challenge posts, I outlined the five areas I'm trying to improve with this challenge. One of the biggest things is my spirituality. I'm Christian, but I've allowed the urgent concerns of day to day life divert my attention away from study too much. Even though I've grown up in faith, relying on the knowledge I've gained over the years is a mistake. There's always something new to learn, things we've overlooked. I won't find them without study.

So, that's my list for the next four weeks and beyond. What's yours?

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  1. I have noticed I have been gung ho for going to the gym and due to this not having the time for housework .. like mowing.
    I need to find a better balance.