May 7, 2009

52 Week Challenge: Week 5 Update

I know. I know. This update is a full week late. I'm sorry. I don't really have an excuse.

Week five was a complete failure. I kept forgetting my goals for the week, and it was all hit and miss. More misses were had than hits, I'm afraid.

The girls are in one of those phases, you know the difficult phases that come between the half year marks and their birthdays where they're testing the limits on their new skills. Both were exceedingly whinny, or in Sneak's case, doing a fair imitation of a banshee all week two weeks previous. Last week was quieter, though no less stressful.

I didn't realize I was slipping into a depression until Hubby confronted me about withdrawing into my reading. I knew I couldn't pull my thoughts together enough to write as normal, and I had a strong urge to escape from this house. However, I'd been attributing it all to cabin fever due to nearly a month of rainy days with a lawn that's only half sown and to soggy to resow.

I've had a turn around in the last couple of days. Whether this is due to finishing the course of antibiotics I was on, the beginning of our Bible studies, or simply the fact Sneak went back to sleeping through the night, I don't know. I'm grateful for it in any case.

Okay, so I owe you a weigh in as well, since I said I wouldn't weigh in until the last Monday of April. Good news on that front, I'm down five pounds!

I'm so relieved! I honestly thought I'd either see no difference or have put on weight, so it was a highly pleasant surprise. Oh yes, I'm also down two inches around the middle and another inch and a half off my hips. Bye bye 18's, size 16 here I am, and now that I'm finally starting to see progress, I'm not going to stop until I'm back to a healthy BMI be that at size 6,8, or 10.

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