May 14, 2009

Epiphany Regarding Productivity

I realize this is probably the dumbest epiphany in the history of epiphanies, but I've been slow like that of late. Here it goes.

Productivity is higher when the most dreaded tasks are gotten out of the way first thing in the day.

Well, it is in my case anyway. I tend to piddle around taking as long as possible with my other work when I'm dreading a particular task unless I get it out of the way before starting on anything else. Plus, there's the added benefit of my not being a cranky nutcase either.

You see, my dreaded task is housework. I loathe housework. I have since I first had to take it over when I was old enough to babysit my younger brother while our folks had the choice of either working seven twelve hour days a week or not work at all. Before then, it was just something I did now and again to help out. Once I took over the majority of the work on a daily basis, I began to see it as a never ending task that needed doing all over again within five minutes of finishing. (The fact I was babysitting a preteen boy whose favorite pastime was trying to agitate his older sister, who I just so happened to be, didn't help.)

So, I hate doing housework, yet I cannot stand having a mess around. They make me cranky, but I dread tackling them, especially if I've had something come up to prevent handling the situation until we have a veritable "Mt. Doom" of laundry. (There are four of us, two of whom are under three, so this can happen in a matter of hours on a bad day.)

Yesterday, I began the day tackling the housework. With the end of school being next week, meaning grades are due early next week, a ticked off toddler, and a teething infant, there's been tons of tension in the home the last few days. I finally decided to almost literally attack the house and take out my frustration on the housework before I lost my temper over something stupid simply because of stress overload.

Wow, what a difference getting the onerous stuff out of the way before lunch makes in your mood and how much you can get done with everything else in the afternoon!

* The picture is of Boo Bear discovering the joys of mess making.

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