May 20, 2009

Fits of Fantasy

Do you remember when you were little and anything seemed possible if you dreamed hard enough?

I do. I remember daydreams where I suddenly sprouted wings, magically knowing how to use them all in an instant, and I'd fly out over what was left of the old forest behind Papa's fields and just keep going until I couldn't fly anymore. Then I learned about the old legends of mermaids, and having been a lover of marine mammals as long as I can remember, I'd spend hours some afternoons wondering what it would be like to swim with them without the need of scuba gear.

Boo Bear is in this imaginative phase. She's moved on from simply play acting with her toys to placing herself in new roles. As with many girls her age, princesses and fairies are her favorites, aided in part, I'm sure, by the big box of dress up clothes her Gammy gave her for Christmas complete with five frilly dresses, a tiara, gloves, tiny heels, and a set of wings. Any new concept must be thoroughly explored.

I've heard most people outgrow this phase, but I find it hard to believe. Do they really? That's so sad if it's true.

I'm still prone to these fits of fantasy. Something, more often than not the oddest of things, will catch my attention, and my mind is off concocting all sorts of ideas and images before I can blink. It seems so normal, I find it hard to believe not everyone does so. Yet, I'll admit, I cannot think of a time I've seen several folks I'm close to daydreaming.

Is there something about those prone to artistic pursuits, or am I just weirder than I thought?

* The picture is of Boo Bear at a Halloween party this past year.

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