May 22, 2009

End of School Randomness

The girls and I dropped in on Hubby and his students for lunch Wednesday. He'd let slip it was the students' last day and they were providing a pizza party for them. (It's a tiny school, so providing pizza for the whole student body is about the same as doing so for the senior class in a public school.) So, I decided we'd surprise them with dessert.

I made two trays of brownies, packed them up in a huge plastic container, got the girls dressed, and packed a diaper bag. Then the three of us loaded into the car and set off for the school at 10:30. The party was scheduled for 11:30, and it's an hour commute even with traffic at its best. Luckily both girls snoozed on the way, so they were in a good mood when we got to the school.

It's funny how you don't always know what you need before you find it. Turns out the stopover at Hubby's school was just the thing to lift the spirits of the girls and me.

Then again, there are the things you know, but just forget. Like the Friday Morning Free for All. It was always the best part of my week while I was working outside the home, and now I can listen at home while writing if I get to work early enough on Friday mornings.

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