May 26, 2009

An Interesting Idea Indeed

Upon arriving home last weekend, Hubby declared he's sending me on vacation.

You can imagine my look of utter disbelief. I mean, even if we had enough to go away somewhere for the fun of it, I'm not much of one for travel at the best of times. I'm not about to go off on a trip by myself unless it's required for work.

Then he explained. He meant a vacation from stay-at-home motherhood. In other words, he wanted to swap places with me for a week or two while he's on summer vacation. I get out of the house and do whatever from 8-5, so to speak, and he'd stay with the girls.

Again, you can imagine my skeptical look.

Turns out he really was serious. I'm still not quite sure, but then again, the last time he stayed all day alone with either one of the girls was when Boo Bear wasn't but six weeks old. He's learned a great deal since then, and it's not like he's going to have tons of grading to do or whatever. It is summer break, and he has all summer to get a head start on his lesson plans. They're not all due next week.

So, I suppose I need to start thinking about what I'm going to do on my "vacation."

I'm thinking I'll find somewhere quiet to work and see about knocking out as much of the Right of Succession final draft as possible. Who knows, I might even manage to finish it up now that I know what was bugging me about the last draft.

What do you think?

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