May 27, 2009

Summer Begins

As summer vacation begins, Hubby and I are busy preparing our new home to receive visitors. Hubby's little brother is getting married next weekend, so their extended family is coming in from Georgia for the wedding.

The biggest part of our work is outside. The house we bought is brand new. It was just finished in December in fact, so the yard is rather bare. There is this gigantic ivy covered tree in the back yard, but otherwise there's nothing. Heavy rains hit just days after the yard was sown, so the majority of our grass is in or near the ditch even.

Hubby and I resowed the front lawn one evening last week. Hopefully we'll see some new growth this weekend. Sowing the back and side yards and planting our garden will have to wait for the weekend or early next week. Otherwise, it's just organizing the closets where odd and end stuff got crammed during the move.

So, what about you? How is your summer kicking off?

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