May 15, 2009

Plot Bunny Free to Good Home

As some of you may know, I've dabbled in fan fiction now and again. I find it a good resource for practice now and again, especially if you're having an issue writing a specific type of scene, genre, or character type. You don't have to waste a ton of time world building for what boils down to an exercise, and feedback is generally plentiful if you post it on one of the better fan fiction sites. Though, it can be difficult to find reviews which are genuinely helpful.

I was attacked by a particularly vicious plot bunny last week, and I simply don't have time to attend to it as the handful of abandoned stories over at Twisting the Hellmouth will attest. Therefore, I'm giving this one away free to a good home before it gnaws my brain to bits.

The plot bunny is a crossover between Legend of the Seeker and Harry Potter, with the crossover really just lifting an idea from the television show and plunking it into the Potterverse. The idea mentioned is the notion of the pristinely ungifted from episode 16, "Bloodline," which is an individual who not only has no gift for magic, but who is so far removed from it magic cannot touch them in any way.

Imagine if on any given raid, the Death Eaters come upon someone on whom none of their spells have any effect. Snape would be able to use the guise of using the individual, or individuals considering the possibility of parent and child, as a test subject to find a cause and way to exploit the trait or at least detect it in order to remove the pristinely ungifted to the protection of the Order of the Phoenix. Now, imagine this individual is an adult with a good education and a solid understanding of unarmed self-defense, evening the odds between muggle and wizard as characters. What wackyness could ensue?

You're welcome to take the idea and run with it if you wish. I only ask you let me know where to find the story if you do.

Maybe the idea will leave me alone now.

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