May 15, 2009

Well, the day started out well enough.

I had such high hopes for yesterday. It started out well enough. The housework was going well. I'd finished all but the laundry by 9 a.m., and the girls were a bit happier than they've been lately. Lunch time came. We ate, and I got the girls to bed for their naps. I even managed to get some work done on the computer.

Then the day took a dramatic turn.

At first, I thought it was just a caffeine withdrawal headache. It was a warm day, so I'd only had one cup of coffee early in the morning. I got some caffeine, but it just kept getting worse. By 4:30, it was apparent the headache wasn't going away. Hubby called about then. The last child had just been picked up from after care, and he needed to know if there was anywhere close to the school where he could pick up a dress shirt. He'd forgotten about awards night while getting dressed that morning.

By 5:30, I had a full on migraine, intense localized pain, sensitivity to anything above a whisper and strong smells, nausea, and difficulty opening my eyes included, and there was no hope of Hubby getting home soon as he normally does. The awards program was scheduled for 6 p.m. to accommodate the parents' schedules, and the school is about an hour's drive from our home. Coming home before the program wasn't an option.

Excedrin Migraine wasn't working. I suppose it's still important to be able to lie down for it to work, because it didn't go away until well after I finally managed to go to sleep last night. Luckily Boo Bear has a high capacity for empathy, even if reminders of what help you need, i.e. stillness and quiet, have to be repeated every thirty minutes or so. I know I wouldn't have made it through the evening without three times the pain if she hadn't been willing to either go back to her room to play or sit on the sofa with a pile of fifteen books or so and "read" most of the evening. Thankfully, Sneak was in a fair mood all evening. She's a sweet, intelligent girl, but she's still only nine months old.

Hubby got home around 8:15, and we were able to get the girls to bed soon after. He took over most of the bedtime routine for the girls and even put the huge crock pot of vegetarian chili I'd made for the remainder of the week away. (Even though it smells really good, it was still a strong smell, and every smell was becoming overwhelming by that point.)

I'm going to start documenting when I have a migraine. I'm looking for a trigger. I hope I can find one, because I'm going to avoid whatever it is like the plague if at all possible when I do!

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