June 1, 2009

52 Weeks: Week 9 Update

Week nine of the challenge was busy, but better than the last few. We still missed an item or two a few days out of sheer forgetfulness in the face of overly full schedules, but we kept to the goals better than in weeks past. (The students may be out of school, but the after year clean up and building prep for next year took longer than expected.)

This is another big week for our family. Hubby's little brother is getting married on Saturday, and there will be a lot of out-of-town family coming to visit. However, we have things better planned out this week since we know what to expect. Hopefully this will help us keep to the plan a little better.

The biggest success of the week is that I've stabilized my caffeine consumption to only two cups per day: one in the morning and another in the early afternoon. I'll cut the afternoon cup this week.

And it's the beginning of the month, so I owe you a weigh in. May was something of a disastrous month for anyone on a diet in our family. Three birthdays, a baby shower, two graduations, and Mother's day made for a lot of celebrations. Plus the overfilled schedules made fitting in workouts particularly difficult. That's why I'm pleasantly surprised to have held steady. I was certain I would have gained back a pound or two, even with cutting back as far as food goes.

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