June 22, 2009

Summer Schedule

I love the fact Hubby is able to be home with us during the summers; however, the massive change in schedules causes a bit of upheaval at first in the household. As anyone who has very young children will tell you, the slightest change in their day can cause havoc for a while. It's the same when he returns to work in the fall and after Christmas break.

We're finally beginning to settle into a summer schedule now that Hubby being home has stopped being such a surprise every morning. (I honestly think Boo thought every day was Saturday there for a while!) I'm hoping this means afternoons will be more productive for Hubby and I both.

The girls' naps were disrupted for a while, but they have begun to settle back into the routine of sharing one long nap time in the early afternoon instead of staggering it so one of them is always awake. So, we find ourselves with a two to four hour block where we can work without interruption. Therefore, we've decided to begin switching off who has the laptop and who has the main computer.

Only the main computer has internet access, and the laptop has minimal programs on it. It's mostly just for word processing, so which computer we are using largely determines which projects we can or cannot work on. (Hubby has to track down resources for some classes, but has hard copies of them for others.)

The laptop was one item stuck in a random place during the move simply to get it out of the way, and we only found it on the fourth. Since then, I've managed to cut the overwriting and rewrite the first nine and a half chapters. Now that I know where the laptop is, I plan to make much more progress toward finally putting this novel to bed.

I hope to see Right of Succession before agents by the end of summer.

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