July 27, 2009

52 Weeks: Week 17 Update

There isn't much to report this week. The goals this go around aren't any huge deal. Mostly, I've been setting aside time to spend with Hubby minus the distractions of modern life and making daily check lists.

I've reveled in the time I've spent with Hubby when the girls are sleeping and without the distractions of the television or computer. We've had a fortunate turn during the week, which means the girls and I will have more time with Hubby throughout the school year. Just not this week. You see, he got a new job. There's not grading and/or planning to be done every...single...day, and his office is twenty miles closer to home. However, he was required to travel for a week of training.

He left yesterday afternoon. The girls still don't understand. It's sad really, seeing Boo go to the window every hour or so expecting to see his car turning in.

The lists are working out well. I've managed to hit my goals from previous cycles with regularity for the first time in weeks.

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