September 8, 2009

Con Dreams

I've wanted but never actually managed to make it to Dragon*Con for years, ever since I heard about it over at Anne McCaffery's Kitchen Table Bulletin Board, which was taken down some years back. Why I haven't gone changes with the years, but it generally revolves around responsibilities and a lack of funds. This year, I didn't even realize it was about that time until Jen from Cake Wrecks began twittering from the con floor Saturday morning.

She mentioned what a good time she and her husband were having watching the Stargate panel, and being the massive Stargate geek I am, I've been checking here and there trying to catch some videos. Alas I've yet to find any from this year's panel. However, I did find one video that's just too fun.

Apparently con goers got together to try to break the world record for number of people dancing to Thriller. One of the dancers happened to be in an Alien costume, and the results are quite giggle worthy.

Why do I have images of a whole line of Aliens dancing Thriller in my head now?

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