September 5, 2009

Random Thoughts on Parenting

We spend days on end, months even, encouraging our children to walk and talk and then years trying to get them to sit down and be quiet.

Don't buy into the dream of sleeping when the baby sleeps. Infants have napdar.

Forget crayons and pencils. Painted toys make serviceable writing implements when applied to a wall, and it's harder to get off.

Potty training inevitably leads to pulling something you valued out of a backed up toilet.

How do children develop three times their normal energy levels when tired, and we adults only hang on to a third if we loose half an hour of sleep?

I wish I had half the courage my infant has.

Parents don't need yoga instructors. Have you ever seen a baby stretch?

You feel an odd mixture of shame and pride when you realize you wish your hair and eyelashes were half as pretty as your child's.

You know you're a homeschooling parent when you find you're a living version of one of those biology lab models.

Parenthood means never having to discover who you are. Your children will show you the truth of it.

Take notes when you're raising a toddler. It's training for the teen years.

Funny how much you appreciate a hot meal after eating several dinners cold.

Before children, weekend fun was being out on the town. After children, weekend fun is a lunch at the park and cuddling with your spouse while the children nap that afternoon.

Who cares if anything's on? Preschoolers love putting on a show and are more entertaining than four fifths of what's out there, especially during the summer.

And finally...

Bugs are long as they're outside.

* Photo is of one of Boo Bear's first attempts at self-dressing after becoming frustrated with trying to wear the shorts as shorts.

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