September 15, 2009

Cycle 7 Goals

I'm going back to goals that are more like the ones made earlier in the challenge this cycle. I don't know what I was thinking last cycle.

1. Weekly Powwows

I almost wrote weekly family meetings, but Boo Bear and Sneak are still a little young to contribute much, so we'll be starting out with just Hubby and me. We'll bring the girls in once both are able to contribute and have true family meetings each weekend.

Why have these talks each week? It's important for a family to stay on the same page, spouses even more so. Communication helps cut down on frustration and the anger it can generate when it's not relieved. Hubby and I have noticed we don't always stay eye to eye when it comes to how we handle situations with the girls unless we revisit our strategies frequently, and this inevitably leads to frustration for us and the girls. If we can keep on the same wavelength, we can prevent or diffuse these feelings before they become toxic.

2. Take Healthy Living to the Next Level

We've already improved our eating habits and become more active, but there's even more we can do. I want to make sure the girls and I make time for fun physical activities each day. While the weather is still warm and good, we'll take Boo's soccer ball out into the yard. Rainy days are great to break out those fun CDs and make up silly dances.

We've brought more non-starchy vegetables into our diet and increased how much of our food is made at home fresh instead of being prepackaged or bought from a restaurant. I'm kicking it up a notch. I want to add even more fruits and vegetables into our diet, healthier preparation methods, and cut out more of the prepackaged items.

3. Use the Netipot Every Day.

Although I wasn't so sure when I first heard about it, the sinus infection that would not die at the first of the year pushed me to give sinus lavage a try. It brought such relief, no only while my sinuses were going completely haywire, but it practically put an end to my suffering with seasonal allergies, at least when the allergen in question caused nasal issues. I don't think I've had to use antihistamines since April. However, I have a tendency to forget about using the netipot until I'm feeling miserable. I'm going to start using it as part of my daily routine, and see if it can prevent maladies since the majority of the ones I suffer stem back to allergies.

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