September 17, 2009

Long Term Plans

Last week brought a series of revelations into my needs and desires. Hubby and I have been talking at length about the funk I've been in since mid-June and the early midlife crisis I've gone through along with it. We determined it all traced back to my efforts to find steady work to do from home and the difficulties I've found therein.

You see, I've found work, but other than one weekly gig, it's been sporadic. It's discouraging. I'd begun to despair of ever managing steady work while homeschooling the girls. However, we've come to realize a big part of the problem is a lack of steady hours to dedicate to working without distraction. This will change as the girls mature. Currently, I'm lucky to have an hour each day. By the time both girls are preschoolers, they'll be able to play in the next room as I work during the afternoon.

So after careful consideration I've set out a business plan for lack of a better term. It'd be the exact term aside from the fact I've decided to doggedly go after the career as a novelist I've wanted since I was ten. I'll still take the occasional gig when they come up, but I'll be concentrating on checking off projects I've had on the waiting list for years now. Monthly writing goals have been set, and if kept, they'll see me finishing off the current blog to book project and submitting Right of Succession by the new year. From the Ashes will give rise to a blog novel and The Icarus Project will be prepped for submission to television agencies by the end of 2010.

Now, what if this plan goes belly up? I've given myself a deadline. I have until July 2014 to land a publishing contract. If I have not managed to start my novel writing career by then, I will begin preparing to launch my own business. Whether I'll do grant writing, become an English tutor, or open a confectionery I don't know, but I'll do something.

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