September 10, 2009

A Life Run...Almost Smoothly

I used to have this ideal of a life I could run nearly on autopilot. I figured if I could just find the perfect schedule, strike the right balance, everything would fall into place. The stars would align, and my life would chug along smoothly.

Hello Amanda, you're being naive.

There's nothing smooth about life. Road blocks, speed bumps, chuck holes, and detours crop up everywhere. You avoid what you can. The trick is in how you deal with the rest. Do you throw up your hands and bemoan your fate or pull out the old GPS and reroute?

Wait a minute. Is there a GPS for daily life? (I'm not speaking spiritually here folks, just daily to do type things.) If there is, it seems like a ten dollar dime store knock off. You know the one that'll send you to the armpit of nowhere? I've just been taking random turns, trying desperately to stay vaguely pointed in the right direction, but I think I might have finally found my road again.

Hubby will say I'm obsessed with my lists, and he's likely right. I'm a list kind of girl. It's a system that works for me. Every few days, he finds me working on some list or another. Goal lists, chore lists, project lists, grocery lists, it doesn't matter. I've gone through whole notebooks before I started saving my to do lists on our computer. I have a whole weeks' worth saved in a file called, "Daily To Dos."

It didn't take long for me to notice I didn't need to change much on the lists from week to week if I spread out my work throughout the week. A tweak here, a shift there to make room for the odd appointment, and I was good to go. Yet things still crop up unexpectedly.

I'm discovering new tricks, like combining the girls' outside time with my morning workout to shave a half hour off our morning routine when cleaning takes longer than expected or having Boo Bear slip in a counting lesson while I'm feeding Sneak her lunch by having her count how many peas are on the spoon. It's amazing how a couple of those tricks can help make up for a morning spent tending to a baby fussing with a sore tummy.

Life will never run smoothly. I know this now, and I take comfort in the fact I've at least learned how to patch a few of those chuck holes.

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