September 9, 2009

Tomorrow's Readers

I love the fact my girls enjoy reading and books so much. Boo used to literally spend hours some days sitting in our living room and looking at one book after another. I remember some days when I was expecting Sneak, I'd fall asleep on the couch without meaning to in those weeks when exhaustion was the norm, and I'd wake to find Boo Bear sitting in the chair with as many books as she could cram into the space beside her, quietly entertaining herself.

The reading bug seems to have jumped to Sneak. Whereas when Boo Bear was Sneak's age, music was the "magic button" that stopped her tantrums, especially in the car, Sneak's magic button has always been books. Nine times out of ten, hand her a book, and she's happy. Unless she's teething, then we're just out of luck.


  1. They are absolutely adorable! As a life long lover of books, it thrills me when children take an interest in reading. After all those who read, rule the world, or so I've heard. :-)

  2. Thank you!

    I'm not sure if I've come across a young child who doesn't enjoy reading with their folks. I just hope we can foster this early love into a lifetime's worth.