March 8, 2010

Weekly Weigh In

Okay, so I made a little progress this past week. I'm down 1 1/2 pounds from where I was this time last week. I was hoping for a little more since I was starting over after having been sick or injured for the two weeks before, but oh well.

I'm still keeping my portions small and eating a low fat, low sodium diet. I did horribly with my water throughout most of February, so I'm trying to improve there. I'm trying to keep it to a max of two cups of coffee, one 8 oz. glass of cranberry juice, and either water or caffeine free herbal tea any other time I'm thirsty throughout the day.

Between a preschooler who wants to be picky, a toddler still trying to master the use of a fork and spoon when it comes to drippy foods, and Hubby and I needing nearly opposite diets, dinner preparation can be interesting at our house. You see, a couple years ago Hubby had some health trouble that left him 20 lbs. underweight while I was 60 lbs. overweight. So while I've been trying to loose, Hubby's been under doctor's orders to gain. Additionally, our ENT put me on a low sodium diet for what was originally suspected to be Meniere's disease but was eventually discovered to be a slightly odd, usually painless migraine symptom. Still, sticking to a low sodium diet has helped keep these painless though thoroughly disruptive migraines under control, so I keep it up.

Well, Hubby was just told this week that his medicines can strip his body of sodium, which could be why he's been feeling a bit off these past few weeks. So I suppose I'll need to keep the salt shaker full for him.

Normally when it comes to weight control for the two of us, it all comes down to portion size. When I do the pictures for the recipe posts, I usually either take one of the entire yield or Hubby's portion. Yesterday's Ultimate Cream of Chicken Soup picture was of Hubby's plate. Here's a picture of my plate from the same meal for comparison. Instead of a regular bowl, I use one of my great-grandmother's old coffee cups to keep my soup proportion under control, especially since it's a cream based soup. I took one biscuit and split it instead of taking two and doubled the amount of spinach since it's only about ten calories a cup without dressing and packed with vitamins and minerals. Both of us walked away from the table satisfied, yet one plate held twice the calories of the other.

(Hubby has the metabolism of a humming bird while mine is nearly comatose, so it takes this drastic of a difference for him to maintain his weight while I slowly chip away at the number on the scale.)

There were a couple of places where I ran into trouble this week. First I was dumb enough to try scrubbing out the stove, mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors, and cleaning the kitchen baseboards all on Tuesday morning. Given the fact I injured my back the summer after graduating high school, this was really stupid, and I spent the remainder of the week on the verge of throwing my back out. So while I did workout throughout the week, they weren't exactly the all out routines I needed. Then we had a birthday party/date night combo on Saturday. I tried to watch my caloric intake overall, but I know I got way more sodium than was prudent on the date with Hubby.


  1. Congrats on your loss this week! Keep it up!

  2. Hey, 1 1/2 pounds is nothing to sneeze at - that's a great loss!
    I hear ya on dinner time - I have a preschooler and toddler as well, and I'm usually preparing at least two if not three different meals every night. I do try to get my kids to eat what we're eating, and they are starting to try some more things, so I'm hoping eventually we'll all eat ONE meal, lol!
    My husband also has trouble keeping weight on (hrumph), so he just usually eats a larger portion, or adds more carbs to his meal.

  3. Thanks ladies.

    @Jenn I know right? We have the, "You can't say you don't like it until you take at least one great big bite, chew it, and swallow," rule, which seems to be helping a little along with multiple exposures to the same food. I think it's honestly more of a power thing with the eldest since she's at that age where she's figured out I can't exactly force the food down her throat. Still, it's annoying.

  4. Congratulations! A loss is a loss. I feel you on the dinner preparation. We have a picky toddler as well and two older picky eaters. It can be a hassle to get dinner on the table for all of us.