April 6, 2010

Oops, I Did It Again!

Just when I thought I'd learned my lesson about over doing things, I did it again. Oh man, I'm so exhausted!

First off, the past couple of weekends have been absolutely packed! Birthday dinners, Easter festivities, Hubby working overtime all weekend, writing up as many advance posts as possible, training for a 5K, and doing some volunteer work for a local school all while trying to keep up with my writing schedule for the "cookbook," keep the house in some sort of order, and tend to an extremely active preschooler and a toddler with a penchant for climbing everything in sight.

Being that a lot of the "work" stuff is computer related, I thought it would be okay. Unfortunately I seem to have forgotten how long some of this copywriting, blogging, and design stuff can take, and apparently long hours on the computer translates into insomnia. Or maybe I'm just taking so long, I end up hitting my second wind just before I finish, and it takes a couple of hours for me to settle down again. I'm not sure.

Time to start taking some mandatory breaks or setting a time to close up shop for the day, I think.

It only occurred to me this morning that spending several hours a day working in front of a computer screen may be one of those mystery migraine triggers, even with the aid of my reading glasses. The prescription is four years old, and I'm starting to find myself squinting at the screen even when I'm wearing them. And "painless" optical migraines were the listed reason for prescribing the reading glasses in the first place. Eye strain would certainly explain why I still have issues with bright spots, multicolored webs, and shadows in my field of vision even when I'm not experiencing pain.

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