April 5, 2010

Weekly Weigh In: Another Baby Step

Well, it's nothing big, but I'm another half a pound down from where I was last week. So that's two pounds even from where I started. Oh well, glacial movement in the right direction is still progress.

I can't say I'm surprised it was so little. An old injury was acting up in the mornings most of the week, so my usual morning workouts where hit and miss, though I did manage to work out most days at least once. Then I spent the weekend grappling with a migraine that was determined to break through no matter the medicines. (I hope the preacher didn't think I was nodding off during services, but overhead projectors are second only to the sun on the ouch meter for optical migraines. I was listening; I just couldn't look up.)

After birthday dinners and worship, I took my medication and headed to bed early. If I can just get past whatever has triggered this migraine, things should look better for the week.

So far the only trigger we've found since I was diagnosed with chronic migraines is too much sodium, but there's sure to be others with as often as I was having them. Especially since we've been on a low sodium diet for over two years now, and I was only diagnosed in November. Chances are both the old injury issue and the migraine are related to the sudden shift in weather patterns in the past few weeks. March wasn't so gentle on its way out this year.

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  1. You are doing it the healthy way.. slowly down... congratulations...