April 26, 2010

Weekly Weigh In: Up Again

I'm up another pound this week.

I offer no excuses. Yes, I'm a bit bummed, but not terribly surprised.

I will be trying a bit of Flylady advice I have thus far not taken to heart. I will be grabbing an eight ounce glass of water every hour from the time I wake until I go to bed until it becomes automatic. I started this morning. So far it seems more effective than coffee as far as alertness goes, and I haven't had as much of an urge to snack.

We'll see.


  1. Suggestion on the water front: I find that I'm far, far more likely to drink water throughout the day if I have an actual water bottle than if I'm trying to remember to fill up glasses. Usually I have a Dasani bottle I'll drink, and then periodically refill from the nearest sink or water cooler as I drain it. Just the act of refilling helps me remember to drink!

  2. I actually agree with the water bottle thing, but my youngest is in love with bottles and thermoses for some reason and keeps hording all of them she can get her hands on. I've had to swap to a glass just to keep the peace enough to actually get something done during the day.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Great idea. I keep meaning to try this! Thanks for the inspiration.