April 28, 2010

Who Do I Think I Am?

With all this talk regarding "The Cookbook," I wonder if I'm starting to give folks the impression I think I'm some new Martha Stewart. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Actually, if you want a pop culture comparison to my life, I'm much closer to a weird mash up of Bree, Lynette, and Susan from Desperate Housewives minus the racier and more outlandish dramas in their lives. I shoot for Bree's professional drive and success, and I can even manage it in little spurts, but overall my life ends up looking the most like Lynette's. More often than not, I'm a frazzled mom struggling to keep her family healthy and happy and the house in a state of balance. Every now and again I get to pull out the event planning and copywriting skills I picked up in the two years I spent working on site, but my bread and butter is cleaning other folks houses one day a week. Like Susan, I have been published in the past, but it's been a while. Though unlike her, I am still tapping away at the keys. It's just slower going these days.

The past couple of days have been something of a low point for me. The two to three weeks of insomnia I tend to get every three or four months has cycled around again, and as usual, I'm starting to feel the effects by way of depression trying to settle in again. This hasn't been helped any by the aura I fought to keep from turning into a full blown migraine all of last week, the dishwasher that decided rinsing before drying is now optional, and old injuries that love to protest the start of blackberry winter. And last night Hubby turned to me and asked, "What right do you have to write a book telling other people how to keep their house up and manage their time when you can't keep control of yours?"

That's just it though. This ebook isn't meant to be a treatise on how to keep your home looking spotless, serve a gourmet meal every night, and save a thousand bucks a month. It's not. As much as we would like to, we can't control life. Sure the some stuff can be predicted, but life has a knack for tossing a tree across the tracks or changing lines when you're only halfway past the switch, and it's so easy for everything to get stacked up or completely derailed.

Did you know I'm keeping a copy of this ebook for myself and my family? With all the computer issues I've had in the past few months, I can't rely on bookmarks to keep track of all the information I've compiled over the years. The information in this book is my maintenance crew and their equipment. When life is running smoothly, the tips and tricks in it really do help keep life chugging along on schedule like a well oiled machine. But when life happens, and everything gets derailed like it has in the past week or so, it becomes the crane needed to get our lives back on track.

* The picture is a screen shot of Susan and Lynette from Desperate Housewives. Check out ABC's site for more information.

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