May 3, 2010

Introducing a New Writer

Boo Bear wrote her first book at the end of last year. She'd been entertaining Hubby and me with tales she made up for months, so I suggested making a book to give her grandparents for Christmas. She loved the idea.

Boo told me one of her stories, and I wrote it out for her. Then, after asking for a few clarifications on the details, I drew out some rather pathetic pictures she and Sneak colored. Hubby and I scanned them into the computer and put them together into the book.

You should have seen her when her Pops and Nana and Gammy and Papa read the story. I recognized the expression. She has the bug, and she has it bad.

She's been drawing comic books and making skits ever since. (Hey, she's not even four yet, and only partway to reading and writing. So, she tells her stories through pictures and actions for now.)

* The picture is Boo being a princess sometime last spring.

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