May 3, 2010

Weekly Weigh In: Some Progress Again

I'm back down a half a pound.

This yo-yoing thing is getting old. I'm sick of it. But if I can make it through teacher appreciation week and two birthdays in one week, and still loose even just a little bit, maybe there's hope. (A big chunk of the leftover sweets from the teacher appreciation snack table was sent home with Hubby. And well, technically three birthdays, but the celebration of one was precluded by weather.)

I think I like this 8 oz. of water every hour on the hour thing. I've definitely been more alert, morning soreness eases more quickly, and I feel full on less. It doesn't help so much with the cravings, but it does make me full enough where they aren't quite as tempting as they would be otherwise.

Now, if I can just fit in both two mile walks each day. I've been good about the strength training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the first walk each day, but fitting that second one in before it gets late enough that working out would keep me up too late isn't always so easy.

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