September 14, 2010

Last Week

Last week wasn't a fun or particularly productive one for the E. household. All four of us were sick to the point of not being able to eat, and weak as kittens as a result. We did recover along about Thursday afternoon, and the remainder of the week was spent trying to handle the work we'd let slide while ill.

I am pleased with my new hobby though. Even being ill and too exhausted and weak to do heavier work around the house, I was able to knit. It was the majority of what I did throughout the week, actually.

I finished the girls' spring scarves, their winter hats, and I knitted up a hat and scarf set for my brother who loves to hunt. It's nothing fancy, but it kept me busy and from going stir crazy.

I even ended up showing Boo Bear the basics of knitting, and she made most of a hat for her baby doll by herself. Sneak found the tie off, undid it, and unraveled the hat within ten minutes, but still, it was an accomplishment for her. Hopefully now that Sneak knows what happens when you undo one of those knots and start pulling on the strings, her curiosity is sated, and she'll leave the other knit work alone.

She did leave the headband I made up using the scraps left from the hats alone throughout church Sunday evening.

What about you? How was your week last week?

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