September 30, 2010

Surviving Murphy Cover

I feel a bit different heading into publishing preparations for "Surviving Murphy" than I have for any of the other works I have published over the years. It's my first book for one. Everything else has been 13,000 words or shorter. It's the first bit of non-fiction I've published other than the essay, "Where Has the Time Gone?" I published back in my freshman year of college. But most of all, it's the only thing I've self-published.

I have all the control on this one, and it's both freeing and frightening. If it flops, it's all on me. But, the book was originally meant only for family members, and it is likely the only non-fiction book I will ever publish.

As such, there were no fancy designers for the book cover. We didn't even have a professional model, or a professional grade camera for that matter.

Hubby gamely agreed to pose for the cover art. We found a place with good lighting and snapped a few pictures. Then, I put the cover art together, and here it is.

What do you think?

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