October 7, 2010

The Quiet is an Illusion. Everything's Just Been Drowned Out by Hammering.

This would be why I haven't blogged in the past week. Construction is slow because the wood we're using is the scrap left from when my parents built their house back in 2004. It's been sitting forgotten in a pile on my grandparent's place. It's tough, but good. When we can manage to get a nail through it, it's not going anywhere!

The design is a collaboration between my brother and me. I posted pictures of what I was thinking here. He thought I'd throw my back out bending over to work in beds that weren't but a foot high, so he decided to build raised beds. It works for now, and if I ever decide to build on, we can make it lopsided, with lower beds on the southwest end, where it gets the most sun. That way, we can make use of multilevel gardening.

We're at the end of the second day of full construction in the pictures here. Hubby is off this week for fall break, so we're doing as much as possible this week and weekend. We hope to get the beds finished and start framing the top tomorrow. Then we'll just have to cover it and fill the beds on Saturday.

I'm due to get the rest of my seeds on Monday or Tuesday, and we'll be off for winter gardening!

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