October 15, 2010

The Excitement is Getting to Me

Today was payday, so I finally ordered my cold process soap making supplies and the last few odds and ends I need to start making bath fizzies and bath salts. I am so excited to get started, I can barely stand it.

I've been watching videos and reading articles on the process and different techniques for the past couple days. I wish all the supplies could be found locally, so I could just go pick them up. But there always seems to be one or two ingredients you have to send off to get.

It's a good thing I found someone locally who has some left over melt and pour soap making supplies for sale. It's not much, but I should have enough supplies to get my fragrance balances down before starting the cold process soaps. And since the melt and pour soaps have already cured, I can check the scent balances right away.

They'll be ugly because until my molds get here, the only thing I have to mold them in are ice cube trays or a bread pan, but I may still post some pictures here.

* The picture is borrowed from a lovely article on the history of soap making, which can be found here.

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