October 14, 2010

Item Preview: Surviving Murphy

The first for sure item I have for Contented Comfort is a book I'm finishing up right now titled, "Surviving Murphy: Keeping It Together When Everything Goes Wrong."

So, what's it about? Surviving Murphy is a collection of all the tips and tricks I've gathered over the years to keep my budget on track, save time, save money, and find ways to sneak in time to stay fit and have fun even when life is in complete upheaval. In it you'll find recipes for inexpensive and healthy foods, some that are good for entertaining or treating yourself on the cheap, and recipes for homemade cleaners and even a few hygiene and personal care products. You'll find ideas on decorating your home and entertaining without breaking the bank and creative ways to save money.

The past decade or so, it's seemed like Hubby and I are always on the wrong end of Murphy's Law, "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." It seemed every time we would have things set up to go well, Murphy would come along and bean us in the back of the head again. The information included in the book won't keep you from getting hit, but it acts like a helmet, saving you from the brunt of the damage.

For more about Surviving Murphy, click here to read about the journey from concept to completion.

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