October 19, 2010

Hair Bows: First Attempts

When I went out to meet the seller of the melt and pour soap bases, it was right in front of a fabric store, so I decided to head inside while I was out and about in a neighboring town I don't visit that often. I came back with a fairly decent haul of ribbon, felt, a glue gun, glue sticks, and decorative buttons for less than $20. I added a pack of plane barrettes from Dollar General, and I decided to give making my girls some new hair bows a shot while the soaps were setting.

Well, it didn't work out that evening. I couldn't manage anything that looked halfway decent, but I decided to try again during the quiet Sunday morning between showering and the girls waking up. I finally managed the little brown and white bow in the picture. It went pretty well with the brown and teal sundress I'd picked out for my youngest, Sneak, to wear over a long sleeved white top, so she wore it to church that morning.

Boo Bear, my eldest, didn't like the fact her sister had a brand new bow, and she didn't. So I promised I'd try to make her one while they napped. Once Little Brother no longer needed someone to hold boards in place while he nailed them in on the greenhouse, I took out my tools, and set to work on a bow for Boo Bear to wear that night. The cream bow worked out very nicely. (The wire makes for good shaping, but it smashes very easily. I had to reshape it every time we got out of the car.)

I felt like I was starting to get the hang of it, and I really wanted to make them up some nice bows to wear with their pink and brown dresses I plan to have them wear next week. Remembering a former teacher's creed of three times, and you have it, I took out the ribbon and set to work on some pink and brown bows before I forgot what I was doing. After a couple false starts, I got two bows that turned out nicely.

I never did use the pretty pink rhinestone buttons I picked up, but I have ideas for what to do with those.

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