November 9, 2010

Felting Goodness

Other than the faces for the toy watches I made at Halloween, this week's projects are my first attempts at working with felt. I've seen so many pretty things lately made with felt, I just had to try my hand at it.

My first project was a stuffed bear. It's been about seven years since I've done any embroidery, and our living room is currently dimly lit as we keep forgetting to borrow a taller ladder than we have at the house to replace one of the bulbs in our overhead fixtures. (Folks of normal height would have little problem replacing the bulb using a regular step ladder like we have, but Hubby and I are about two inches too short to manage this without a third step.) So, I'm not disappointed in the embroidery job on Smirky Bear here. Though with practice, and better lighting, I know my skills will improve again quickly.

Smirky Bear is completely hand stitched. While I'm decent with a needle and thread, I'm hopeless when it comes to sewing machines, so all my fabric items are hand stitched.

I am a little disappointed when it comes to his shape, but he was a first attempt at creating my own pattern. I've learned from the experience, and I expect I'll have better luck getting the nice, rounded appearance I was going for next time around.

My next project, I absolutely love. Poinsettias are by far my favorite holiday decorations, so I just had to try making some poinsettia ornaments when I decided to experiment with making felt items.

They're just a tad smaller than the real thing, and I'm sure I'll have them available in the store next December.

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