November 5, 2010

Item Preview: Basic Pouch Purse

Today's preview is an item in progress. I'm working on a purse design, and it's about halfway done at the moment. It's a basic pouch purse knitted mostly in stockinette. It does have a seed stitch border at the edge of the flap and along the top edge.

The bottom of the purse is knitted together instead of pieced to make for great longevity even with heavy use or frequent washings.

I plan to add a seed stitched strap and then line the purse with felt. It will have a magnetic closure sewn into the felt, and I plan to top this one off with a felt flower.

This particular purse is "Gray Heather" and will be lined with lavender with a cream flower, but it could be made in any color combination, with different adornments, or just plain.

I've yet to even try to think up names for different designs. Any suggestions?

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