November 5, 2010

Ow, my childhood!

Okay so I don't know how many other children of the 80s grew up watching the A-Team, but I did. I don't remember huge amounts of every day stuff from back in elementary school, but I do remember that Friday nights at our house meant A-Team and Air Wolf.

This morning the girls were watching PBS while I was trying to pack the diaper bag and handle a chore or two before our weekly grocery run, and I heard someone asking about the A-Team coming from the other room. At first I thought the girls might have turned it over to the retro network, but then I heard some distinctive voices, and I had to go see what was going on.

While I was watching it, all I could think was, "Huh?" And then I remembered the new movie, but still.

Ouch, my childhood!

Despite the surreal quality to it for an old fan who hasn't thought about the series for years and years, it was actually a fairly funny skit. Unfortunately, all I was able to find was a clip of the "celebration" song at the end.

* The video is courtesy of Sesame Street's YouTube page.

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