January 24, 2011

Slow Start to a Crazy Week

This week is going to be "rat in a coffee can" crazy to borrow a phrase from my favorite writer of comedic young adult literature. I've known this for weeks. I've been gearing up for my business launch for the past three months or so, and it's Saturday. How could this not be a nutso, busy week?

I mentioned yesterday that my girls have been sick. Well, I spiked a fever just after posting, and I ended up starting the week several hours behind where I planned due to oversleeping. Granted, I feel a good deal better, but still, I've lost a good amount of time.

So, what to do now? Normally, I'd buckle down, forget the online stuff, and just focus on the physical work I need to do. But the biggest part of my new business will be the Etsy store opening at the same time. Well, technically it's already open as I've been adding items as I finish them instead of trying to load them all and build the store all in one evening, but I still have a lot of items in stock I need to get photographed and listed. How can I expect sales if no one knows about the store being open?

I do have a lot of physical work left to do as well though. I spent most of the past two weeks making soaps and bath salts. I still have a few salts and most of my fizzies to make, and there are a lot of items waiting to be packaged. Then there's the issue of preparing the venue and making the food for the open house available to customers here in the Tennessee Valley on Saturday afternoon. Plus, I have tons more yarn to make into scarves, hats, booties, toys, or what not.

What else is there to do but get up early and go to bed late? I wanted to start out with stocked shelves, and that's what I'll do. Although I hope for good business, what are the chances I'll need to make nine dozen full size soaps, eighteen dozen guest sized soaps, and five different varieties of bath salts all in one week again?

I can take a breather on Sunday.

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