July 16, 2011

Crazy Busy Summer

Miss me?

No, I'm not dead. I'm not even maimed. I've just been crazy busy.

After a couple months of bingo sales, I decided to make a marketing push for the store this summer. It worked better than I anticipated, and I've kind of been playing catch up with my inventory since.

Beyond that, and more important, is the fact Boo Bear is starting kindergarten in just a few short weeks. We've been reviewing and continuing to work on her growing reading skills. I've been working on lesson plans, and we've been trying to get Boo Bear and Sneak into the daily routine we will need to follow come August in order to meet the four hours a day, five days a week requirement for homeschooling here in Alabama. (This, of course, includes the usual summer field trips.)

And to top it off, Hubby's family has had some emergencies, we've had what seems like half our possessions breaking down and needing repair, and summertime responsibilities to the school to tend to.

I finally seem to have recovered from May's cold-that-would-not-die and the pile up of things to do resulting from it. I'm slowly finding my footing, and I hope to be back to normal here on the blog soon.

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