September 8, 2011

Can I do it all?

I'm a glutton for punishment. Have to be I think.

All us moms can agree motherhood itself is a full time job. Taking care of house and home, especially if you're trying to cook healthfully, isn't an easy task either. Then there's homeschooling, which takes up a big chunk of each day. But I keep hunting for other stuff to do anyway. Therefore, I'm a glutton for punishment.

I started working from home party out of a need to help with a few bills here and there, but mostly it was out of a need to challenge my mind and keep hard won skills sharp. Plus, I just love writing and providing bath and body products my family and others like us can enjoy without having to put up with allergic reactions for our indulgences.

But I can't help wondering if I'm overextending myself.

When my shop was just starting off, it seemed so easy. I just needed an hour or two here or there. Then my soaps started getting picked up by local stores, which is great for business, but I have trouble sometimes keeping up enough stock. Plus the blogs, the novel, the website, social networking, and did I mention I'm still cleaning a house each week plus doing freelance work off and on?

Yeah, the business is growing, but I still need those side jobs to help make ends meet until business is steady enough to be able to count on the same amount each month plus enough to resupply. It's going to be a few years, and that's okay. It's normal.

I'm just not sure some days if I can keep all the balls in the air that long.

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