December 31, 2011

Here Comes the New Year

Oh wow, it does not seem like it's been a year since I began building inventory for Contented Comfort's opening! It has been though. I started making soaps, bath salts, and fizzy bath tabs just after Christmas 2010 and didn't stop until just before the kick off party at the end of January.

It's been a good year. The soaps have improved with the addition of goat milk. The bath and body line expanded to include hand lotions and aftershaves just before the holidays, and the scent line was refined. When I first opened the business, I was lucky enough to have a local business carrying the soap line. Now, any of my items may be found in five local stores.

U. G. White Mercantile in Athens, AL still carries the entire line of Contented Comfort 5 oz. soaps. The Saddle Rack in Elkmont, AL carries six varieties. The Clothes Rack and Fred's Department Store in Ardmore, AL carry my soaps in both 5 oz. bars and guest sets of two 2 oz. bars as well as bath salts, fizzy bath tabs, hand lotions and aftershaves, handmade purses, and even "Surviving Murphy" respectively.  Whistle Hollow Farms in Ardmore, TN carries any number of my items at any given time, and, of course, any of my products may be bought or ordered directly through the Etsy store or

So, what can you expect coming up in the new year? I am in the process of developing new scent blends, wax tarts, and gift sets. Make sure to look out for valentine gifts sets to come within the next two to three weeks. Plus, this coming week will have a double posting for Right of Succession after the long hiatus during the holiday months.

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