January 1, 2012


Come on. We might say we're not going to make new year's resolutions, but we all do, even if they're just in our heads.

So, here are mine for the year.

1. Make a point to update each blog in the network at least once a week. I won't even think about promising to post every day or even every other day, but surely I can manage once a week. It's even marked on my calendar for January.

2. Take a brisk walk for at least thirty minutes six days a week. Setting fitness goals in pounds doesn't seem to work so well, so I'm going to focus on diet and getting myself moving. 

3. Keep on the Hypoglycemic Diet. Hey, I've already given up caffeine for the past month, so that's the hard part over. I do feel a ton better now that I'm following the diet, and boy howdy, do I ever feel like dirt if I "cheat!" Not out of guilt, but my blood glucose levels drop into the forties or lower. Talk about motivation!

4. Take Contented Comfort from being a start up to making its first real profits. I've had a decent year, but every dime earned went right back into purchases for further growth this year. The first step, of course, is to be more consistent with my social media marketing.

5. Finish the serial publication for Right of Succession, take it to paperback and ebook, and complete the roughs for The Icarus Project. My day job may be running Contented Comfort, but I am first and foremost a writer. I could give up soaping tomorrow and not really care so long as I made enough for my family. I've tried giving up writing before, and it nearly destroyed me mentally. Fiction is at the fiber of my being. I'll write whether the books sell or not, but that said, I still intend to do all I can to share my work.

So, there are my resolutions for 2012. What are yours?

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