January 26, 2012

The 2012 Scent Line: Geektastic

I was surprised, pleasantly so, but still incredibly surprised to find 2011's top scents were originals China Orange and Potions Master. I started out with a large number of conventional scents because I wasn't sure how I would do blending fragrances. Now that I have a base, I'm freer to experiment, meaning eight of this year's nine new fragrances will be originals.

So, let's take a look at what's coming up.
5 oz. Bar Potions Master Goat Milk Soap

This year will greatly expand the men's line with The 9th Doctor, The 10th Doctor, The 11th Doctor, Jacob, and Edward. (Working names only. They may be subject to change as I move from the drawing board to actual production.) And yes, they're inspired by Doctor Who and Twilight respectively.

You'll notice my geeky side will make a stronger appearance as time goes on. Can't help it.

The ladies aren't left out. Dreams of Earth, Pa'u Zhaan, and Atlantis will be coming for you, inspired by Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, and Stargate Atlantis respectively.

I'll also be introducing a line of Strawberries and Champagne soaps, soaks, and lotion later this weekend, just in time for Valentines Day.
I'm awaiting a shipment of new oils and base materials before beginning work on The 9th Doctor, The 10th Doctor, and Dreams of Earth. However, I hope to unveil those first new designs and fragrances by mid-February.


  1. Hmmm...Edward. All you need is essence of BO. (Pattinson is notorious for not bathing. Those clinches w/ Bella must have gotten...intense.)

  2. Eww...

    The scents are based on the characters, not the actors though, which part of the reason I'm sticking with the three most recent Doctors. Netflix is horrible when it comes to classic Doctor Who! I haven't been able to get a good fix on the earlier variations just yet.

    You know I'm not a Twilight fan myself. I'd love to do some gag soaps based on it, but I haven't been able to find the fragrance oils I want for them. :(

  3. For Tom Baker's Who, a fruity, Jelly Baby-ey scent would be great. To quote the Wise Wiki of Wisdom:

    "Each Bassett's jelly baby now has an individual name and shape, colour and flavour: Brilliant (red - strawberry), Bubbles (yellow - lemon), Baby Bonny (pink - raspberry), Boofuls (green - lime), Bigheart (purple - blackcurrant) and Bumper (orange)"

  4. As I know nothing of your process, feel free to scream with laughter OR annoyance.

    Do a mini-batch of all the scent / color combos, put some of all in each mould, then give 'em a swirl.

    Wrap in a facsimile of a yellow Bassett's Jelly Baby package

  5. It's probably because I'm a writer, but my method's akin to character building. That's why when I'm doing a tribute scent, I need a good sense of the character, especially as none are my own.

    Plus, with confines on space to store fragrance oils, specialty oils/butters, specialty molds and tools, new colorants, ect. I can't really add more than nine new fragrances a year in any case. I don't have a proper shop, just a linen closet, a bookshelf, and whatever space there is above my cabinets.

    I do know about the jelly babies with Baker's Doctor, and I was kicking it around as a top note depending on how it blends with the marine and ozone background common to all The Doctor fragrances. I still need to figure out suitable heart and base notes though.