January 9, 2012

Moments of Complete Contentment

Everyone on this planet has a life full of incredible joys and devastating sorrows. In each life there are moments, bright and shining, precious moments of complete contentment, rarer and more valuable than the scarcest gem. Yet we don't always recognize them until we're prompted.

I've had a few. It's the feeling I get when I've finished a piece of fiction. The longer the piece, the more intense the feeling, and it's addictive! It was there the first few days staying home with Boo Bear when she was just four months old, when I was content tending the apartment and playing with my baby girl.

I basked in it again the first few weeks after I opened Contented Comfort. The fulfillment of keeping the household running and raising my girls combined with the challenge of starting a business was a heady mix after a couple years of growing boredom. 

Funny how we need to feel pushed, just a bit, tested and growing along with having a sense of purpose to reach those moments. And how quickly they fade!

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