February 10, 2012

A favorite show... Battlestar Galactica

I'll just say it, I don't really watch television much these days. If something interests me, I usually catch it on either Netflix or Hulu. Ditching the television has ended a lot of pointless struggle over what to watch between the girls, them picking up poor habits and manners from... frankly rude characters, and nagging about the latest junk they've seen in commercials. (And yes, I realize the irony of someone who used to write commercials griping about them.) As a result, I end up being a bit behind with what programs I do watch, but I can go through them one episode after another if I like, which is nice when there are multi-episode arches.

Lately I've mostly been going through Doctor Who. I've gone through the first five seasons of the 2005 revival, and I have what I can find of the classic series queued up. And I've been reading some summaries to fill in the huge gaps in what episodes Netflix carries. I do like the revival, and the continuity within it is really good. I'm a bit reluctant almost to start in on the classic, because I'm certain Davies and Moffat have done retconning, and I do hate it so. Though apparently the Doctor Who franchise is like Highlander. There's continuity within each individual series, but it goes out the window otherwise, making what's cannon and what isn't a matter of opinion.

Probably my favorite series of the last decade or so though has to be Battlestar Galactica 2003. I have caught a few episodes of the original on CBS's retro substation, and while I can tell it was amazing for it's day, I wasn't exactly impressed. Like a lot of sci-fi of the day, the stories were childish enough to be laughable.

I detailed the defining difference between the original and reboot as I saw it while talking about Starbuck in her #3 slot on the Most Fascinating Women of Science Fiction list I created back in 2010. "It has everything to do with better character development. It's what sets the new series apart from the old, character driven plots and story lines that span whole seasons." Also as seen in Baltar's slot on the Men's list: "I'm a character driven kind of girl with a yen for dark fic, so the new series holds a thousand times more appeal for me personally."

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