November 6, 2012

Autumn Lovelies

Spring and Autumn are my favorite seasons. I love all the colors, the smells, and the weather is nice. So I'm absolutely in love with these latest soaps.

Pumpkin Shaped Glycerin Soaps in Autumn Breeze Original Fragrance.
When I think of autumn, I think of warm apple pie, the smell of vanilla, and bonfires. So naturally, I included those fragrances in my latest original scent: Autumn Breeze. These newest soaps all feature that fragrance, but one thing I really love about my new molds for these fall soaps and the Christmas ones I'll talk about tomorrow is they let me play around with using multiple colors. 

Here's one of the first of the leaf soaps I made.
They're glycerin soaps with the accents done in goat milk, so they stand out more. I played around with color combinations a bit, but I ended up liking the monochrome schemes for the autumn leaves the best. I made several in red, orange, and yellow.

And here's how they look in the packaging.

The accents were actually done in the molds. I added them using a dropper, which can be a bit tricky if your hands tremble, let me tell you. The first batch of leaves turned out just a touch blotchy, but I managed to get the hang of it the second time around.


  1. These are beautiful and I imagine they smell heavenly!
    Found you through etsy success and am your newest follower! ;-)

  2. Thank you very much!

    Isn't that a helpful thread? I found a lot of new blogs through it today too and will be going back to see more later. Welcome.