November 7, 2012

Christmas Goodies!

Yesterday I talked about the autumn themed soaps I made last week, and today I'd like to tell you about the Christmas additions to the store.

Gingerbread Man Goat Milk Soap with Cinnamon and Honey

First up we have my personal favorites, the gingerbread men. They're made with my usual Cinnamon Honey Goat Milk blend, but instead of boosting the cinnamon fragrance, I added gingerbread fragrance oil to the soap. So you get the antioxidant and moisturizing benefits of goat milk and honey, the antioxidant and circulatory benefit of ground cinnamon, as well as their fragrance plus the smell of fresh gingerbread. Add on their smiling faces and bright buttons, and it's just about perfect in my opinion.

Actually, one of these little guys had his buttons break when I was trying to get him wrapped. Considering we get to use any "rejected" soap, I can't exactly say I was sorry one of them got smooshed.

Christmas Tree Glycerin and Goat Milk Soap in Peppermint Cream

Now, it wouldn't be Christmas without a tree. Back when I was first thinking about opening a soap making business this time two years ago, Hubby suggested making a holiday soap in my Peppermint Cream fragrance. I decided to take his advice with these trees. Like the autumn leaf soaps, they're glycerin soaps with goat milk soap used to make the star accent.

Christmas Stocking Glycerin and Goat Milk Soap in Snow Day Original Fragrance

And finally we have the Christmas stockings. I had a lot of fun making these, and Boo Bear joined in, coming up with suggestions about color combinations to use.

Like the trees and leaves, these are also glycerin with goat milk accents. I just have pictures of the red and white combination here, but I also made green and white, blue and white, as well as red and green. These also come in an original fragrance I debuted locally last year, Snow Day. It's a combination of white gardenia, which reminds me of a crisp, cold morning when you open your door to find a fresh blanket of glistening snow, chocolate, and firewood.

I've never lived in a house with a fireplace, but I've always imagined I'd curl up with cocoa and a book in front of a fire on the rare Alabama snow days if I did. That's what this fragrance smells like to me at any rate.

Silly Bands Glycerin Soap in Peppermint

Oh, I almost forgot. I got my hands on some Silly Bands a couple weeks back, so I decided to make a few toy embed soaps using them. They're made with glycerin soap and smell like peppermint.

So that's what I've been up to lately. I hope to post a tutorial or two in the next few weeks along with some before and after shots as Hubby and I get to painting over the Thanksgiving weekend. However, I'm up to my ears in crafting for gifts this year, so I make no promises.

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